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Take care of your roofline.

roofing and Rainwater Systems

Climate change? Global warming? Whether it's happening or not, one thing that we're sure you'll agree with is that our homes have to deal with more and more weather extremes.

The wood that makes up traditional rooflines has to cope with freezing conditions, hot weather and more often than not damp and wet.

Temperature and humidity changes make the wood expand, contract and form cracks, while the dampness creates a fertile environment for organisms to set up home, feed and grow.

Wooden rooflines can be maintained and preserved, but this can be time consuming and expensive. More often than not the job is ignored and it's not until a problem presents itself do we become concerned about dealing with it. This involves removing the timbers and completely replaced. A more economical option is to have capping boards fitted, and although this may seem more cost effective you need to ask yourself whether in the long run this is such a good idea: the rotting wood hasn't gone, it's still there deteriorating even more by the year. Eventually the nails come loose and the facias become exposed and unsecured.

Replacing your roofline with quality, durable, weather resistant, lead free PVC-U can not only improve the appearance of your roofline, but will form an effective barrier to stop vermin invading your roof space.

Once the work is done you don't have to think about it anymore. There's no need to paint, preserve or maintain. Our roofline system doesn't warp, crack or flake or peel. You'll also be surprised as to how inexpensive it can be to replace your old decaying roofline, particularly when you bear in mind the money you'll save on maintenance!

But it's not all about money, we have a vast range of styles and colours that demonstrate that you genuinely care about the look of your property, adding value and kerb appeal to your home.

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